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Hans im Glück in English?

Dear Friends,

Hans im Glück is a small company with few employees. We develop board games for families and gamers. The quality of the gaming experience is our highest priority. Every one of our games has twists that keeps the game engaging for a great amount of time.

We concentrate solely on game development and customer satisfaction. Our games are translated, produced and distributed by other companies. For these reasons, our website is only available in german.

Customer complaints

If you have any complaints regarding the material of your game (missing components, cracked box,...), please contact the distributor of the game. You can find the distributor on the back of your box. If you bought the german Hans im Glück version of a game, please contact our customer service at service(at)hans-im-glueck.de. We are happy to help you out.

Spare parts and goodies

If you are in need of spare parts, our online shop might be able to help. You are charged for ordering spare parts but it is still a service that does not pay for itself. So please cut the guys from the shop some slack. Also keep in mind that they only have german games and can not offer game material in any other language. So does Hans in Glück by the way.

Special expansion are very small add ons to games, kind of like booster packs. They are distributed at fairs, through magazines or as free extras with the purchase of a game. A famous example would be the river expansion. All available special expansions can be purchased at the shop. Any special expansion that you can't find in the shop, can not be acquired anywhere else (except for private sales of course).

Spare parts and goodies can easily be bought online at www.cundco.de/en. Hans I'm Glück assures you the shop is trustworthy and customer friendly. You can reach them at service(at)cundco.de. The shop is a spare time project, so please don't expect fast deliveries or fast replies.

Game designers section

We are always looking for new games to publish. The games we are looking for should be interesting enough to be appealing to gamers for a long time. The game should also have something innovative to it.

If you developed a game, built a prototype and play tested it a lot with many different people, you are welcome to present it to us. All we need is the full set of rules (english or german) and a picture of the game scenery sent to spielidee(at)hans-im-glueck.de.

We respect any copyrights of the ideas and material sent to us. The german association of game designers (the SAZ) will help game designers who are insecure about sending their rules to board game companies: www.spieleautorenzunft.de/

Please do not send us Expansions. Especially not from Carcassonne.