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We are hosting a special Anniversary Event in 2022 as well as cool give aways.

2021 will be under the banner of 20 years of  Carcassonne.
Let’s celebrate the anniversary of this all-time classic together.

2021 will be under the banner of 20 years of  Carcassonne.
Let’s celebrate the anniversary of this all-time classic together.
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 Carcassonne's iconic token figure

The Meeple

The year is 2000!

A time of wonders and great ideas. A time, in which a game, that should later influence the world of boardgames like few games before and after, was at its dawn. 
A time in which a token with the magical ability to embrace several characteristics, was needed. Depending on the feature placed upon, it had to become a knight. 
A highwayman. A monk. Or maybe even a farmer?

Moreover, it was clear that it had to be able to realize at least 2 different states. Standing and lying.

And so, Bernd Brunnhofer’s (left) hand found some pen and a few sheets of paper and began to draw. A few masterpieces afterwards, one of his sketches found its way to professional token-creator Mr. Seidenstücker where it was given shape and color. And it was not long (okay, let’s be honest – a few prototypes changed hands) until both creators had reached a result, which delighted all beholders. The first meeple was born!

Called „Gefolgsmann“ (en. follower) at first, particularly the growing international boardgame community had its difficulties with the name. And not long after, the term meeple was used on the boardgamegeek forum in connection with the Carcassonne figures for the first time. According to legend, the idea was to form a blend of “My People”. 
Leading to the quick and easy pronunciation of meeple.
Another theory, however claims that due to the similarities of the figure to a maple leave, the word meeple originates from “Maple People”.

Anyways, whatever the circumstances of this denomination might have been, the term meeple caught on and has become a synonym for boardgame figures (in particular for pretty ones made out of wood). Its origin, however, is the iconic token of Carcassonne. We have adopted this term with our best thanks and therefore dedicated this site to this figure.

Let’s end today’s lesson with a quick note: In our opinion meeple is a singular tantum as the etymology of the word (“People”) already indicates a plural. 
Hence, 1 meeple, several meeple.

We are thrilled, that our creation has reached and continues to reach so many people around the globe and hope that the meeple continues to bring joy and happiness to your lives!


The designer - Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

Klaus-Jürgen Wrede was born in1963 in Meschede. 

At age 16 he won the composing competition  "Jugend Komponiert". 

Klaus-Jürgen began to study music and theology in Cologne, where he worked for many years as a high school teacher, after graduating from university. Even nowadays he still lives near Cologne.

At age 25 Klaus-Jürgen visited SPIEL in Essen for the first time and was swept away by his fascination with boardgames.

Inspired by the mysteries around the Ghent Altarpiece, he began writing his novel „Das Geheimnis des Genter Altars“. And it was while traveling through France for research purposes, when Klaus-Jürgen had the idea for the game Carcassonne.

Ever since the enormous success of Carcassonne, he has had the pleasure of seeing many of his games published.