Carcassonne 20th anniversary edition


What’s included in the special box?

We’ve been developing, while you’ve been waiting. Now the time has come! We present you with the content of our 20th anniversary edition of our all-time classic Carcassonne.



As usual there are 72 land tiles. For this joyful occasion they have been expanded with lovingly created details for you to discover. So why are there 104 tiles listed for the board game?




We’ve topped up the river-mini-expansion! Instead of 12, we now provide 17 river tiles including a dual spring tile.



On the occasion of the 20th anniversary we included a brand new mini-expansion consisting of 15 tiles (combined with the 5 new river tiles that makes a total of 20 additional tiles). This is a tribute to the 3 first big expansions. Do you recognise them all?



As usual you can find 40 Meeple in the new box, coloured in red, yellow, green, blue and black. The iconic Meeple will stay as brilliant as they are. BUT we pave the way to individualising you favourite Meeple with a little help of our brand new stickers. In case you’d rather keep your Meeple classic, we recommend to leave them off - the decision is all yours.




The rulebook is printed on papyrus-like paper. We’ve adapted wording and layout to make it even more comprehensible. Now it’s shining in new splendour.

We developed a cardboard inlay specifically for the Carcassonne tiles. Not only does it look great, but it also helps sort the various contents.