Cabin Fever? … Bored working from home?

Well, not for much longer, because here comes our quarantine-kit! Find relief with print & play (pnp) mini-expansions and solo-variants for Carcassonne and Hadara and much more. You can find all of our print & play right here, ready for you to print out, cut out and start playing!

Our quarantine-kit includes:
Carcassonne – demo (pnp)

Carcassonne – the Land Surveyors 
mini-expansion (pnp)

Carcassonne – solo-variant

Hadara – the Plague Doctors 
mini-expansion (pnp

Hadara  – solo-variant

Citadels – demo (pnp)

Russian Railroads – mini-expansion (pnp)

Stone Age –  solo variant

Coming soon:

Marco Polo II – solo-expansion 

To be continued...