Obituary - Frank Seidenstücker


Frank Seidenstücker

(14.05.1980 - 28.10.2021)



Dear Frank,

you brought to life tens of millions of Meeple, gold bars, tracks and much more and now you’ve gone way too soon.

Each day you’d give everything for the wooden components of our games – shaping, sawing, painting, and organizing tirelessly. Without you, millions of board gamers all around the world would not be able to share the joy of playing together. On behalf of everyone who’s had a great time as a result: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

It is with great shock and sadness that we say farewell to you and send lots of strength to your loved ones. It was lovely to have known you.

Rest In peace.

With love, your Hans im Glück and Carcassonne & Co Team

Frank Seidenstücker was the successor of the family business “Seidenstücker”, which has been working on wood for 3 generations in the placid Steinebach/Sieg between Bonn and Gießen. For over 25 years Seidenstücker has been producing almost 100% of our wooden components and are therefore also a part of Carcassonne, Stone Age, Paleo and much more, just like us and the game designers. We are in close contact with the bereaved and are trying to find a solution for the future. We cannot guarantee, that there won’t be any delays regarding the production of some of our games. Thank you for your understanding.