Advent Season Sale


You are already anxious for our Advent Season Sale to start and our SPIEL’20 tile? Well, the wait is finally over!
It’s starting today, Thursday November, 19th.

You can find an overview of all products and deals of the Advent Season Sale here (click).


Carcassonne & Advent Season Sale package

At the beginning of the dark season of the year calm settles over Carcassonne. But not for long until it starts to rumble, and you can hear the sound of wood on metal. The farmers are planning a revolt! In our new mini-expansion “The peasant revolts“ you can experience your brave meeples fighting back against the rebellion at close quarters.

For a perfect start into the Christmas season with Carcassonne we have put together an Advent Season Sale package.
It includes the new Carcassonne mini-expansion „The peasant revolts“, 4-Meeple-candles (for your advent-wreath), the old and new edition of the mini-expansions “German Cathedrals”, Carcassonne: The Phantom and much more!


Bundles and print&play

Attention all Russian Railroads fans (!) Starting with the Advent Season Sale a print & play version of our new mini-expansion “Manufactory train“ will be available at our online shop.

For all early birds among you, we have a limited number of bundles including a RRR base game + remainders of the “DSP“-mini-expansion, which includes 4 new engineers (while stocks last).

For our Marco Polo fans, who want to surprise their friends, we have a very attractive bundle including an opened, but of course complete and never played, base game “The voyages of Marco Polo“ as well as the mini-expansions “New Characters“ and “Secret Paths“ (while stocks last). This surely is a perfect gift!



After Paleo was already completely sold out shortly after its sales launch, it is now available again.
Therefore you don’t need to worry – we have a copy left for you! In order to pimp up your Paleo, besides our mini-expansion “The Terror Birds”, we do now offer sleeves. The cards used in Paleo comply with a high standard for playing cards (Skat-norm) and last for up to 40 games, as has been proven. As the base card set, however, will be used far more frequently than the modules, wear marks will not distribute evenly among all cards. So, in order to keep the cards looking neat (and prevent wear marks to give away what’s on the front of the card), you can resort to sleeving them.

It is also fun, playing Paleo as a solo version, as the feedback from many customers who reached out to us has proven. So, in case you do not longer want to wait for exciting challenges and venturing into the world of Paleo, but lockdown prevents you from playing with your friends, the solo version is a great way to do so.


Spiel `20 tile and meeple mask

And last but not least, you can of course find the limited Spiel`20 tile in our online shop. Please pay attention to the terms mentioned on the website, to assure that your order can be processed smoothly and quickly.

Also this time, the first 200 orders above 75€ will receive a meeple mask (adult) on top.

We wish you a wonderful and above all healthy Christmas season and end of the year. Your Hans im Glück and Carcassonne & Co Team