RRR BigBox & Asian RailRoads


Ultimate Railroads - What'S in it?

The BigBox includes everything, that has ever been available for RRR. From "Juri Dreigleisky" to our newest Print&Play "The Manufactory Train", you will receive the complete package!

On top of that, we have not only re-edited the entire material, adjusted some small details strategically, and made (almost) all previous expansions combinable with each other. Ultimate RailRoads offers you way more possibilities, than if you possessed every single expansion on its own. 

On top of it all we're including a new modular expansion: Asian Railroads.

Cover idea - Sept. 2020

What is the asia-expansion?

Asian RailRoads consists of 2 modules; the new player boards and a completely new industrial board. Both are combinable with (almost) all other modules of previous expansions –and particularly well of course with one another.

The content of Asian RailRoads is comparable to German RailRoads, if not even a bit more extensive.

We will talk some more about the 2 modules of Asien Railroads and the adjustments of the previous expansions in future updates. 

Also including pictures ;)

Concept art - 30.11.2020

Why only a BigBox?

Of course we get this question almost on a daily basis - with good reason. This is why we would like to explain, which reasons have brought us to this decision. 

One of the main reasons are our distributors and our retailers. Hardly any retailer will be able to put an expansion into their shelves without also selling the base game. This is why we doubt that the interest in both products is big enough, for the production and retail to be profitable for everyone.

In order to produce an economically sound circulation of Russian Railroads, German Railroads etc. we need a larger quantities, which brings us to the next point. 

As of now,  Russian Railroads is available in German and English, which covers only a small part of the community. Due to Ultimate Railroads we now have the opportunity, together with our international partners, to publish the game in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and many more languages. 

Only through those changes, producing Ultimate Railroads as a BigBox creating among other things reasonable prices, once again. Thus, without this BigBox an expansion like Asian Railroads, or a new edition of German Railroads, would not be possible. 

Ultimate Railroads was never meant to spite true fans, but  offer an optimized product with new possibilities.

We hope, that we were able to explain our reasons to you and that you have a great time playing!

3D Box - 15.01.2021