Brandnew - Releases 2021


Carcassonne - 20 years Anniversary edition

To mark 20 years of the all-time classic Carcassonne, an anniversary edition of the winner of the Spiel des Jahres award of 2001 will be published in 2021. 

The premium box contains the base game, as well as the mini-expansions “the river” (with 5 brand new river tiles), “the abbot” and an “anniversary-mini-expansion” (consisting of 15 never-before-seen tiles). 

All tiles are adorned with UV-print and detailed easter-eggs are a special asset for all fans. On top of it all, we gave also added Meeple costumes in sticker form, and improved the inlay as well as the rules. 

Nevertheless, all contents are completely compatible with the existing and future world of Carcassonne. 

The extraordinary look of the box makes it a great collectible and eyecatcher in every tabletop showcase. 

Yet, also newcomers to the world of Carcassonne will find their matchless and perfect access with this anniversary edition.


Ultimate Railroads

Almost 8 years after the publication of Russian Railroads, Ultimate Railroads will be published in 2021. 

The expert Game Russian Railroads takes us back to the late Tsardom, where we build our tracks through Siberia, to Saint Petersburg or Kiev. At the same time, however we have to bring forth the industrialization and improve our engineers’ skills. 

Ultimate Railroads allows an all-encompassing access to this worker placement game. The base game, Russian Railroads, won the Deutscher Spiele Preis of 2014. Also fans will get their money’s worth through the considerable content, which includes all expansions (also mini- and promo-expansions). 

The Big Box includes: 

Russian Railroads


German Railroads 
American Railroads 
Asian Railroads 


New Engineers (DSP) 
Juri Dreigleisky 
Manufactory Train