We are shocked by the current events and demand that this war be stopped. This is not a war of all Russians against all Ukrainians! Our thoughts are with those affected and we call on everyone to stand up against this war.

We are in close contact with our partner in Russia. In fact, exactly on the day of the invasion, 10 more productions with games in the Ukrainian language were completed. We already had well advanced plans together with various local offices to organize so-called encounter-boardgame-meetings to work with our resources to ease the tensions. No one we know really expected such a cowardly act.

Very few people stand behind this abominable act! Those responsible need to be held accountable so that we can all be at peace with one another again.

In order to help quickly, we have already donated 5000€ to the UNO refugee aid, with reference to the Ukraine. We are evaluating what we can do next.